3A Entry Process

The Dual BA Program offers highly qualified students who are already enrolled in the Sciences Po Collège Universitaire an opportunity to continue their education in New York City at Columbia University through the 3A Entry Process. In lieu of the traditional third-year abroad requirement, admitted students spend two years in NYC, enrolled full time at the School of General Studies, Columbia's undergraduate college for students pursuing a nontraditional educational path. Upon completion of their studies at Columbia, Dual BA Program students will earn two bachelor's degrees, one from each institution.

All Dual BA Program students, regardless of whether they are admitted through the first-year application process or through the 3A Entry process, may transfer up to the equivalent of 60 Columbia University points (credits) from Sciences Po (or other eligible university-level coursework) toward the fulfillment of the Columbia undergraduate degree program. Students may choose from more than 80 majors and concentrations offered and will spend their two years at Columbia completing the Core Curriculum, major, and elective requirements.

By enrolling in the Dual BA Program through the 3A Entry, students are demonstrating their commitment to completing both years at Columbia. Students must spend two full years enrolled at Columbia in order to graduate. Upon successful completion of the Program, students are awarded a bachelor’s degree from each institution—one from Sciences Po and one from Columbia University. Please note that both diplomas are conferred upon graduation. Like all Sciences Po alumni, Dual BA graduates are guaranteed admission to certain master's programs at Sciences Po.

Transitioning to Columbia

Students admitted through the Dual BA 3A Entry process will receive extensive support from the School of General Studies in their transition to Columbia University. For more information, visit the Transition to Columbia page.

Academic Advising

Students admitted to the Dual BA Program through the 3A Entry process will be assigned an academic advisor from the School of General Studies in the spring of their second year at Sciences Po. The academic advisor provides support to newly-admitted students, both by guiding them in their transition to Columbia and in helping them navigate the completion of Columbia's undergraduate degree requirements. For double-cursus students, please be aware that Columbia academic advisors are unable to advise or assist with any requirements related to the double-cursus programs.

Upon declaring a major at Columbia, students are assigned a faculty advisor within their major department who assumes responsibility for advising students about courses and requirements for the major. Faculty advisors are also available to students completing a minor or concentration in a particular discipline or program. Each academic department and program at Columbia has a designated Director of Undergraduate Studies (DUS), who is available for consultation about majors, concentrations, and their requirements.


All Dual BA Program students are guaranteed housing at Columbia when making the transition from France to New York in their third year. Students are not required to sign up for Columbia housing should they prefer to make their own housing arrangements; however, students who initially choose not to take advantage of University housing are not guaranteed placement at a later date. For more information, visit the Housing at Columbia University page.

Tuition and Financial Aid

During their two years of study at Columbia, Dual BA Program students will pay Columbia University tuition and fees. All Dual BA Program students are eligible to apply for financial aid at Columbia as students of the School of General Studies. For more information about financial aid, visit the Types of Aid page.

Several Sciences Po students are admitted to the Dual BA Program through the 3A Entry application process each year. The admissions process includes a review of the applicant’s academic history, letters of recommendation, standardized test scores, and a personal essay. Applications are reviewed by a joint committee featuring admissions representatives from both Columbia University and Sciences Po.

In applying for the Dual BA Program through the 3A Entry process, students are agreeing that enrollment in this program takes priority over the possibility of participating in the traditional third-year exchange program. Double-cursus students also must understand that they are responsible for the fulfillment of their double-cursus requirements and that Columbia’s degree requirements take priority.


Students enrolled in their second year of undergraduate studies in the Collège Universitaire on any of Sciences Po seven campuses are eligible to apply for the Dual BA Program through the 3A Entry process. All Dual BA Program 3A Entry applications must also complete an application for the traditional third-year exchange program. 

Please note:

  • Students not currently enrolled in a Sciences Po undergraduate program are not eligible for the 3A Entry application process and must apply through the first-year application process.
  • Students currently enrolled in another international dual degree program at Sciences Po are not eligible to apply for the 3A Entry application process. 
  • Candidates are not eligible to apply to the Dual BA transfer program if in the last three years they were rejected by Columbia College or The School of Engineering and Applied Sciences.

Application Deadline

Fall 2024: November 19, 2023, 12 a.m. EST

Applying to the Dual BA Program through the 3A Entry Process

A complete 3A Entry application for the Dual BA Program Between Columbia University and Sciences Po includes the following:

  • Online application for admission: To begin your application, create an account and choose "2024 Sciences Po 3A Entry" from the menu. The $80 application fee will be waived for applicants to this program.
  • Official baccalauréat results (or equivalent): these documents must be verified as official by Sciences Po, sent electronically directly from Sciences Po to Columbia, and be accompanied by an English translation.
    • If no final exams were taken during high school, please provide all high school transcripts. All high school academic records should be uploaded to the online application form.
    • Unofficial documents are accepted as part of the application review process. If offered admission, in order to enroll, you will be required to submit official documents.
  • Official Sciences Po transcripts: Official transcripts must be sent electronically from Sciences Po to Columbia University. Double-cursus students must also have their second institution send official transcripts electronically directly to Columbia University, via email address to [email protected]. Any transcripts submitted by the applicants themselves will be considered unofficial. Transcripts not in English must be accompanied by an English translation. Transcripts must reflect grades earned, as well as the number of units/credits awarded for each course taken. All university transcripts should be uploaded to the online application form.
  • English Proficiency Test Scores: Photocopy of TOEFL IBT results (minimum score of 100), or IELTS results (minimum overall score of 7; subscores are not important), Duolingo (minimum score of 120), or CAE C1 Advanced or C2 Proficiency exam (grade of B or higher) for non-Anglophone students, if applicable. If admitted, students must send official TOEFL/IELTS/Duolingo/CAE results to the Columbia University School of General Studies.
  • Standardized Testing Scores: Photocopy of SAT or ACT scores, if applicable.
  • CV in English (1-2 pages)
  • Autobiographical Essay: See the admissions application for the essay question
  • Two Letters of Recommendation: At least one letter of recommendation must come from a Sciences Po professor, but letters of recommendation may not come from a language instructor. The letters should be uploaded directly to the online application system by the professors. Letters written in French should be accompanied by an English translation.

Applying for Financial Aid for the Dual BA Program 3A Entry Process

Prospective student applicants who wish to request institutional scholarship aid and who are U.S. citizens or Permanent Residents must submit both the CSS Profile and the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Students who are neither citizens nor permanent residents in the U.S. would only be required to complete the CSS Profile. 

To be considered for institutional aid, prospective students should complete the 2024-2025 CSS Profile using Columbia University’s General Studies CSS School Code: 2095.

For consideration for GS institutional aid, complete family and parental information is required on the CSS Profile application from both custodial and non-custodial parents. If the parents have separate households (unmarried, separated, or divorced), complete financial information for both parental households must be provided on the application. 

In addition, once admitted, all incoming Dual BA Program students applying for financial aid must also submit the Planned Enrollment Form, as described in your acceptance packet. Please note, the Planned Enrollment Form is not accessible to prospective students until they have been accepted.

Please note:

  • The Columbia University School of General Studies CSS School Code is 2095.
  • The Columbia University FAFSA code is 002707.