Program Overview

Program Overview

Dual BA Program students will earn two bachelor’s degrees - one from Sciences Po and one from Columbia University.

The first two years at Sciences Po follow an interdisciplinary social science curriculum (up to 60 eligible credits will be counted toward Columbia degree requirements). In years three and four at Columbia, students complete at least 64 credits toward their chosen major and Core requirements.

Years One and Two

As a Dual BA Program student, you’ll begin your college education by spending two years at one of four Sciences Po campuses, each of which is devoted to studying the social sciences of a particular region of the world.

Years Three and Four

After completing the Sciences Po curriculum, students will matriculate at the Columbia University School of General Studies (GS). While at GS, students further their study of the social sciences by completing the requirements for a major while also cultivating intellectual breadth by fulfilling Core distribution requirements in a variety of disciplines, including literature, art, music, science, and the humanities.

Additional Resources


From the very beginning of the Program, each student is assigned an advisor at both Sciences Po and Columbia who will guide them through academic and student life, providing support as they pursue their goals in two stimulating academic settings.

Transfer Credit

Dual BA Program students work with their Columbia advisors to determine how their coursework at Sciences Po will be credited toward their studies at Columbia.

Academic Resource Center

The ARC is dedicated to helping students cultivate the skills necessary to manage competing demands, deal productively with setbacks, and approach with enthusiasm challenging situations both in and beyond the classroom.

Academic Calendars

Students should consult the academic calendars of Sciences Po and Columbia University regarding important semester dates.