Living in France

Students in the first phase of the Dual BA Program will live and study at one of Sciences Po's regional satellite campuses in Le Havre, Menton, or Reims. 

Check with your airline to determine how many pieces of luggage you are allowed on your flight. Most students pack far more than they need. You will be able to buy many of these things once you arrive to your Sciences Po campus.

General Information About Living in France

In France, BNP Paribas ATMs are able to accept American debit cards that do not have the French security chip. Not all ATMs in France are able to accept American debit cards, so it is wise to find the BNP Paribas locations in your city in case you need to withdraw cash before opening your French bank account.

Although the literal translation is "Tobacconist," tabacs sell much more than tobacco products. A closer cultural translation is that of a convenience store, where newspapers, magazines, lottery tickets, postcards, stamps, phone cards, and more can be purchased. Tabacs ofen have a small café area that serves coffee and sandwiches as well.

Ambulance: 15
Police: 17
Fire Brigade: 18