Final Transcripts and Test Scores

Once the current academic year is complete, we ask that students submit all final transcripts and test scores to our Office of Admission in order to finalize admission to the Dual BA Program. Official high school transcripts should show the date of graduation. We also ask that students submit any applicable graduation exam results (e.g., French Baccalauréat, Irish Leaving Certificate, International Baccalaureate (IB), or British A-Levels), as well as any Advanced Placement Exam scores and college or university transcripts so that we may evaluate these documents for eligible transfer credits.

Final transcripts and test scores should be received by August 1 if possible. The latest possible date we will accept these materials is December 1. Transcripts and test scores received after December 1 will not be reviewed for potential transfer credit toward Columbia University degree requirements in years three and four.

Please note that the admissions committee expects final official documents received by our offices to reflect the same information originally reported on the application, or through any unofficial documentation (e.g., unofficial transcripts uploaded through the application portal, self-reported standardized test scores). Furthermore, admitted students are expected to remain in good academic standing through the completion of any additional coursework to be completed before enrollment.

Official transcripts are those submitted electronically from your college or school counselor through If electronic documents are not available from your high school, or your school does not participate through, students may also instruct a school administrator to email transcripts from their school email account to and they will be counted as official. Any test scores (e.g. IB/AP/French Bac/A-Levels etc) must be sent directly from the testing agency to the School of General Studies. We will accept mailed copies of the transcripts sent directly to the Office of Admissions of the School of General Studies. Paper transcripts may not be delivered or forwarded by a student. All non-English language documents must be accompanied by a certified English translation.

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