Dual BA Student Aditi Chatradhi Receives Henri de Castries scholarship

Aditi Chatradhi, a student in the Dual BA program, is the 2020 winner of the Henri de Castries scholarship. Excerpts from her personal statement were published on the Sciences Po website. 

August 04, 2020

Aditi Chatradhi '23, originally from California, is a student in the dual BA program between Sciences Po and Columbia University. In spring 2020, she was awarded the Henri de Castries Scholarship, which is open to students in the dual BA degrees between Sciences Po and Columbia University or UC Berkeley. 

In her personal statement, Chatradhi discusses her arrival to France, and the culture shock she experienced at first. She highlights how she began noticing differences between San Jose and Reims, and how she started to befriend others in the program, despite language barriers. Her personal statement also delves into adjusting to adult life, and witnessing history first hand: from seeing the gilets jaunes to participating in the climate movement. Chatradhi also discusses how being in the program allowed her to compare and learn about French and American history and politics academically. Lastly, she explores how the program also affected her on a personal level, allowing her to look at her hyphenated American identity through a different perspective.

View the excerpts on the Sciences Po Website.